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Please enter your name, address, contact and payment details onto the form below. Then click the "Download Complete Form" button at the bottom of the form and print off and sign the completed order (requires a PDF reader). Please send the completed and signed order to the address given below the form. If you wish to scan the signed MTA and order form and send it as an attached PDF we will accept this. However, all orders must be accompanied by a signed MTA (this is included in the completed form but can also be downloaded separately if you wish).

More information concerning the Convention on Biological Diversity and CITES can be found here... CITES. CBD.

Unfortunately, for species listed by CITES, we're unable to accept orders from countries without a CITES authority. The Material transfer Agreement is availabel here. Please take note of the footnotes at the end of this page when making your payment.

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Ref. No.   Taxon Price
10867   GRAMINEAE Poa trivialis 15.00
10802   GRAMINEAE Poa pratensis s.l. 15.00
Subtotal £30.00
VAT (at 20%):1 £6.00
Total Cost: £36.00

Once you have completed all the sections please press the "Download Completed Form" button and print off the resulting PDF for signing. We will send you a pay-by-link once we have confirmed availability of samples.

Please then send to:

DNA Bank Manager
Jodrell Laboratory
Royal Botanic Gardens


The fees assessed do not imply that DNA samples are being purchased, but rather this fee is meant to offset the cost of producing the sample, maintaining it and shipping it. The great majority of these DNA samples are of high molecular weight and reasonable concentration. Some as noted in the quality field are somewhat degraded because the tissue from which they were extracted was not dried properly, whereas others are more dilute than desirable, but some taxa never produce much DNA. We do not always have information on the quality of the samples availabel, unfortunately. We thus make no claims about the quality or concentration of these samples nor how these samples can be used (degraded samples are not suitable for AFLP, for example). Samples have usually been cleaned on a caesium chloride/ethidium bromide gradient, so they are reasonably free of RNA and Taq-inhibitory chemistry, but in some cases further cleaning and concentration by means of a silica-based column may be necessary before amplification can be achieved. If you wish to have details of which samples haven't been cleaned in this way, please contact us directly. We are happy to advise about problems, and if degradation during shipment occurs we will replace such samples without further charge.

The amount of DNA sent is suitable for PCR-based techniques, typically about 25 µl). If you require a greater amount of DNA, this may be possible, but you should contact us to discuss this ( Use the search tool to put together a shopping list of requirements. Should a sample be unavailabel, you can request a sample to be extracted for you (follow the Extraction of new samples link to do this).

1 VAT: This is only relevant within the EU. However, if you are VAT registered in your EU home country, please include your VAT registration number and do not add VAT to the total.